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I was out in the boonies and had to get gas and since then the bike hasnt quite ran the same so I decided to change the fuel filter,went to the dealer and was surprised the filter was the same as my old Monster but the big surprise was the fuel pump o-ring,$70 bucks even the parts guy was like holly crap and triple checked thinking that was for a pack of ten but no $70 bucks per o-ring,I could not bring myself to buy it so I took my chances and its not leaking(knocking on wood),has anybody done any research for a alternate replacement?


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Yes, but it was 3 to 4 years ago and there is an alternative and affordable replacement. Unfortunately, I can't remember the name of the company but they inventory a ton of different sized O rings. Perhaps this thread will jog someone to chime in.

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Great guide!

The fuel pump O-ring for 749/999 (Ducati nr 88650331A) is a standard NBR 3-5/8" - 1/8" (91.67x3.53mm) O-ring.

Ducati charged me about $28 for it!!! Should be avaliable for like $2 at the nearest machine parts supplier. Make sure it's NBR (Nitril) quality.
The 0-rings can also be found at Desmo Times for $5.50.
Bill W.
Or, if you only need to order an O-ring or two, and not a whole lot of other stuff, you can go here.


There's only a $5 minimum order as opposed to $30 from Desmo times.

Part number for 916-998 is 2-248N70 for Nitrile or 2-248V70 for Viton.

Here are the dimensions ID:4-3/4, OD:5, Cross Section:1/8

I'm sure they have the size you need for 999/749 as well. They have just about the largest selection I've seen online.

There wasn't a metric size available for the large fuel pump O-ring, but this one fit perfect and cost $1.41 (Nitrile)/$1.04 (Viton).

Shipping was $7.50.

Don't get me wrong. Desmo Times has a lot of hard to find stuff, but for a simple O-ring...I couldn't figure out what to spend the other $25 on ;).
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