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Ok guys, so i brought a 1098 race bike that had been put into a 748 (i think) frame.

It was running well and competitively, but i intend to make it a road bike.

SO.... I got myself a 1098 loom from the states and proceeded to start wiring it in.

As a race bike it had no exhaust sensor, no sidestand switch, no clutch switch. However the ECU had been flashed, so i'm assuming i will not need the key sense ring or matched keys etc.

So now with the replacement loom in i have power to the dash, it primes the fuel pump and there's relays clicking in there but it doesn't crank over, or power the solenoid.

I've shorted the sidestand and clutch switch, what am i missing? Do they run diagnostics on other stuff i don't have like the exhaust servo and CO sensor?

I have no LH switchblock either if that matters.

Any help would be appreciated.
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