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I think i made a thread about this months ago concerning my sometimes very hard to start 1098. But i accredited it to the 70mm system, air filter, ECU, and PCIII with a custom map. Previous owner must of tracked it or something. I just got used to it.

Anyways, this morning it took the usual 2 start cycles or so to get it running. But the first two cycles were short, like the ECU thought the bike started and it killed the starter prematurely. The bike didnt start. It did this twice, turning over maybe 2 to 4 times before ECU stopped the each start cycle. After the 2nd failed start cycle, the dash's yellow warning light came on and the screen read " SW 0009 "(or so i remember). Im not 100% positive that it was the exact code, since the code only showed itself for about 5 seconds before the dash went back to normal, yellow light went away and it started up on the 3rd try. :confused:

Any ideas? Short of calling the dealer and having an appointment setup. Thx
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