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Putting a 1000 crank into a 900 case is not a new thing as I have read. And I read it here first!
But, I wish to address the challenges aforehand in order to grease the skids of success, or at least map out the gravel in a blind hairpin.
In addition to some case machining, I read here somewhere that I need to change the alternator (and associated wiring) and the corresponding new left side case cover.
Now, does this mean that 900 flywheel is not compatible and I would lose the lobe for my pick-up coils?
Anything else?
The only 1000 engines I see on eBone are Multis.

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Joe ,
Sorry for the late response. I've been locked out of here for a few weeks due to the password fiasco.
I have done the DS crank in an old SS motor and can tell you all about it. It is pretty straight forward, but will take some parts and a tiny bit of machine work and a healthy portion of patience. If you want you can pm me.

Hope to hear from you soon
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