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http://www.motorcycle-superstore.com/2149/MNGR/Top-10-Motorcycle-Gifts.aspxTop 10 Ideas for Motorcycle Christmas Gifts

Looking for that perfect gift for a motorcycle rider on your list? We’ve taken the guesswork out of motorcycle Christmas gift shopping with our Holiday Gift Guides and exclusive list of the Top 10 Motorcycle Christmas Gifts for 2012. After combing our inventory searching for the stuff we’d be stoked to unwrap, we compiled this short list of motorcycle gifts that any rider of any style will love to find under the tree. We included some new and popular motorcycle gift ideas like a GoPro HD camera or Cardo Scala Rider communication system, as well as some wise, practical ideas like a medical kit, rain suit or battery charger. Still don’t know what to get? Let the rider on your list choose what they need most with a Motorcycle Superstore Gift Card. For an even more comprehensive guide to motorcycle Christmas gifts, check out our Motorcycle Gift Guide, where you can shop by riding style and explore hundreds of gifts for motorcycle lovers by price threshold.

#10. Motorcycle Superstore Gift Cards

Motorcyclists are extra picky about their gear. Whether it’s helmets, jackets, boots, tires or hard parts, a biker’s wish-list has to be a perfect fit, so Motorcycle Superstore Gift Cards are the easiest way to make sure everyone is happy. Ship to any address in the United States or Canada, send them via email, or just print the gift cards at home in amounts ranging from $25 to $500. The cards are convenient, customizable and thoughtful, so you don’t have to feel bad about getting your favorite rider their least favorite holiday gift.

#9. Motion Pro T-Handle Spinner

Want to help the riders on your list beef up their motorcycle tool kits? A good t-handle wrench is the #1 tool for all motorcycle maintenance and repair. Simple in appearance, the Motion Pro T-Handle Spinner makes a huge difference in the garage. From basic maintenance to intimidating top-end valve adjustments, this T-Handle lets your resident motorcycle enthusiast complete almost any DIY task easier and quicker than ever!

#8. Genuine Innovations Street Tire Repair and Inflation Kit

This gift just might save the day in a roadside tire emergency. Providing everything a rider needs to repair and re-inflate a punctured motorcycle tire, the Genuine Innovations all-inclusive tire repair kit is like having your own personal tire repair shop under your seat or in your riding luggage. This kit is a must-have for any street motorcycle rider, and you’ll want to be the one they think of and thank when it gets them out of a jam.

#7. MotoStance MS1000 Battery Charger

There’s nothing worse than getting geared up for that first sunny Spring ride, only to jump on your bike and find out it’s got a dead battery. If the riders on your list store their bikes through the winter, help them make sure their favorite machines are as ready to ride as they are come springtime with a Battery Tender under the tree. The MotoStance MS1000 SmartSpace Battery Charger charges powersports batteries completely, then switches to Storage Mode in order to maintain the battery’s charge through periods of storage without overcharging or short-circuiting. Simple, compact and affordable, this motorcycle battery charger makes a great stocking stuffer, too!
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#6. Adventure Medical Kits Weekender First-Aid Kit

Keep the riders on your list prepared for anything with the gift of an emergency motorcycle medical kit. Cuts, scrapes, bumps, bruises and burns are always a possibility in two-wheeled sport or travel, so every rider should be prepared with the emergency supplies necessary to handle these eventualities. The Weekender First-Aid Kit from Adventure Medical Kits includes hospital-quality instruments, a huge array of first-aid supplies, emergency medication and comprehensive instructions to help riders handle many common injuries and emergencies.

#5. MotoCentric Mototrek Two-Piece Rain Suit

On a bike, you just never know what Mother Nature has in store, and you will bear the brunt of whatever she throws your way. Every rider should have motorcycle rain gear in those luggage bags to protect from inevitable downpours. Make sure the riders on your holiday shopping list stay warm, dry and visible on those rainy rides with a waterproof motorcycle rain suit. The Mototrek Two-Piece Rain Suit features double-stitched, heat-sealed seams and reflective piping, and it fits comfortably over protective armored riding gear. Priced under $50, this is top-quality gear for 100% waterproof riding.

#4. SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger

Is there a rider on your list with a thirst for adventure? Want to make sure they make it home safe from those remote rides? The SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger doesn’t take away from the adventure with a big display showing exact coordinates and number of miles to the nearest cozy amenity, but it does make sure that adventure riders have a safety net in case anything goes wrong. In an emergency, it will notify 911 rescue services of the rider’s GPS location. It can also send for non-emergency assistance and send pre-programmed “I’m Okay” check-in messages with the push of a button, so friends and family at home don’t have to worry. Give the gift of peace of mind this season.

#3. Firstgear Thermo One-Piece Suit

If you have a rider on your holiday shopping list, you probably know how hard it is for him or her to put that machine away when the weather gets too cold to ride. An insulated one-piece riding suit is the perfect way to extending the riding season and help keep him or her warm, dry and safe on those winter rides. The Thermo One-Piece Riding Suit provides 100% waterproof protection, storm flap closures on all zippers, seamless insulation and is cut to fit over protective riding gear. This insulated riding suit is also easy to get in and out of for cold weather commuting. There’s nothing like the gift of an extended riding season to spread the holiday cheer this year!

#2. Cardo Systems Scala Rider G9 Powerset

With engines roaring and wind ripping, it can be hard to hear yourself think on a ride, let alone try to communicate with fellow riders or passengers. The gift of a G9 PowerSet will make communicating while riding a breeze, with no rolling charades necessary. This motorcycle communicator set has Bluetooth capability, allowing riders wireless access to music, GPS directions, telephone calls and even communication with passengers and fellow riders, all while keeping both hands on the bars. The Scala Rider G9 uses simple voice commands, has a 4-way intercom, and allows communication with up to 8 other riders. Help the rider on your list to stay in touch, with Scala Rider!

#1 GoPro HD Motorsports HERO3 Silver Edition

The brand new GoPro HERO3 is at the top of every rider’s wish list this holiday season. Over the past few years, GoPro has revolutionized the way people capture and share their adventures. With the HERO3, GoPro has made the best even better with Wi-Fi capability in a smaller and more powerful camera. Nothing compares. GoPro is an overnight legend in the motorcycle and outdoor adventure industry, and the all-new HERO3 Silver Edition is now smaller, lighter, and more feature-packed. This riding camera is even compatible with the GoPro Smartphone App, which allows the adventurer on your list to wirelessly capture and watch real-time footage!
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