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I explain best I can an I've researched but not found anything quite like my issue an with work an school I don't have time to ship it to dealer so I want to solve this.

Issue- I went to start the bike an it started, but idled low an sounds as if not all cylinders are firing. When I rev it slowly its slugish. If i rev it fast or quickly it dies.
I turned it off an on for 4-5 mins, an it idled back to its normal self. Came out the next day an the same effect only this time its idle is low an same story.
it smells very rich at idle or during rev.
clutch in or out makes no diffrence, an good luck on riding it it just dies.

Back round:
3700 miles with no nods.
Normal outside temp 80-90 degrees daily.

I ride mostly in traffic an in 1-2-3rd on most days.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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