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Rubber Side Up
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An almost complete Motard we parted out yesterday. As the sponsors for the Hyper forum we are committed to bring you more Hyper parts in the future so stay tuned!

Here is a link to the 08 we just dismantled

Search Results for "2H84"

We have dismantled 5 Motards this year... I know I know we need to pick up the pace here! Of the 5 we have seen 3 were EVO SP models. Here is a link to all of our Hypermotrad parts. More stuff coming soon I promise!

Ducati Hypermotard Used OEM Motorcycle Parts and Spares

Next up Monday morning is a 2012 848 EVO Corse SE. Nice 400 mile bike with some plastic damage. All parts from this 848 should be up Tuesday morning.

Have a great weekend all and keep the rubber side down! ;)

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