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08' 1100 - Picked up a set of wheels and TKC80 tires

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I have to say, this makes the bike feel even more hooligan. It's really wet around here since we've had about 12" of rain in 2 weeks. As soon as it dries up and is warm enough, I'm going to go do some trail exploration. On the pavement, I can't see running these tires long term. It's a completely different feel.

I have pretty much completed the journey of building the 08' to what I envisioned. I owned an 08' back in 09' and kept it a few years. It didn't get the attention it deserved as I was doing mostly track days and had a full time 10r track bike. I sold it. I always watch them go by on craigslist and eBay, but never thought I'd find a brand new 08 1100S sitting at a dealer. So glad I kept looking. There really isn't another bike like the Hyper.

I'm going to paint the fairings and PC the second set of wheels I just bought. Also going to heat coat the headers and exhaust canister.

*I'm still wanting to confirm the front brake rotor sizes between the Gen 1 and Gen 2. I want another set of rotors, so do I have to buy Gen 1 rotors? I'm finding conflicting info on line.

Pics are Day 1 and then yesterday. April to October 18'.

Race ECU
California Cycleworks tank
DP steering Damper
DP perf seat
Slipper clutch
And most of the other little stuff...


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Where did you find the DP Race seat?! I've been scouring the internet for one and just keep coming up short!
eBay and craigslist. I got 2 actually. If you are interested in one of them send me a PM. I would be willing to part with one.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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