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Hey guys, I have a coolant leak on my 06 999s. This is the first I have seen it leak since I have had the bike and I think I may know why. From what I have been able to find online, it seems like the radiator hose clamps may need to be tightened and/or replaced because they suck.

Yesterday I rode to work, about 30 miles each way. In the morning on the way there it was about 75 degrees outside so my bike was running typical temperatures in the 179-195 range. But, on the way home it was HOT, like 105 degrees outside (yes i know, miserable), so my bike was running steady around 205-220, many times i looked down i was @ 212/214. I don't think those temps are a problem though because from what I know about coolant temps, the hotter most engines are the more efficient they actually run. The only thing I can think is additional pressure from the heat on the hose clamps and hence a leak.

I checked where i parked my bike indoors @ work and nothing.

After I got home, i parked the bike in my garage on the side stand which i never do. Every time i have parked my bike @ home before this i have put it up on the swingarm stand that I have. So I am thinking that because it was leaning over that could have been a different variable as well. From what I can gather the typical hose leaks are on the left radiator side. I yanked the fairings off of both sides and everything was dry so i could not tell where it was leaking. Here are some pics of what was left on the ground when i got home.

Anyone have any ideas??? I am planning to start the bike up today with the fairings off, let it warm up, and then revving it some to see if i can spot a leak.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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