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Hey guys,

I am looking at getting a slipper for my 999 but am a little confused on what STM 125mm diaphragm primary spring to get to compliment the clutch. Here is what I am looking at:

STM Slipper Clutch: Evoluzione SBK Racing (M20)

My 999 is an 06 and the only performance mods I have done is the 57mm termi and down a tooth on the counter shaft sprocket. My bike is a track bike only if that matters. I want a light enough spring where I can dump the clutch no matter the RPM and not worry about rear wheel lockup. Not sure what to do though. Any advice/suggestions would be great.

Also when I order the clutch I plan on ordering the Duc-shop lightened fly-wheel too.

Any advice on the proper spring weight would be great.


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