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06 800 uh-oh

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So I went for a ride today. I was on the bike for about 20 minutes from a cold start. It's close to 100 degrees ambient here in lower Alabama. I watched the temp climb as I was expecting 240-250 degrees. The it started going up 255-260, 265 before I pulled over. It should be able to handle that temp but, well, something didn't. I have some kind of...looks like a drain or overflow that's leaking oil on the front side of the motor. It's sitting right next to a braded steel line on the bottom front of the motor. I assume the steel line is a oil cooler line but I haven't gotten the fairing off yet. On top of that I'm burning oil from the exhaust. I'm not sure if I hurt the motor or it there's some kind of seal that's failed. The motor sounds fine, but I'm still worried that I killed a ring.

Any idea's on where to start with that...overflow or whatever it is? Not looking forward to going into the motor.
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What's the risk in topping the oil back off and seeing where the oil is entering the airbox from?
Most ducs have an oil breather running up into the Airbox, it usually just mists some overflow in there where it is then burnt up going in with air. it is always oily in there from this, but follow hose down to crank breather and see if it is an excessive amount.
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