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05 ST4s vs 06 ST3

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I have an opportunity to replace my 00 ST4 with a new 05 ST4s - one of the last available here in South Africa. Alternatively for much the same cost I could get a new 06 ST3.
As my wife is very happy with her 04 ST3, I am inclined towards buying the ST4s.
So, if I buy the St4s, what would be the biggest difference I would notice from my ST4 ? Is there a big improvement in the handling and power ?
Another thought - although costing more, would anyone recommend the 06 ST3s in order to get the Ohlins shock, ABS, etc.?
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I'd say it depends on 2 things primarily...

1) Price. If you can buy the ST4s for the same thing as the ST3, buy the ST4s for the suspension and engine;

2) Do you ride agressively? If not, then the ST3 has ample power and torque for you. If you like a bike that performs better, then buy the ST4s and gear it down to make the power band more usable. The bike is geared way too high stock, and gearing it down makes a tremendous difference in the performance.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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