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05 ST4s vs 06 ST3

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I have an opportunity to replace my 00 ST4 with a new 05 ST4s - one of the last available here in South Africa. Alternatively for much the same cost I could get a new 06 ST3.
As my wife is very happy with her 04 ST3, I am inclined towards buying the ST4s.
So, if I buy the St4s, what would be the biggest difference I would notice from my ST4 ? Is there a big improvement in the handling and power ?
Another thought - although costing more, would anyone recommend the 06 ST3s in order to get the Ohlins shock, ABS, etc.?
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I had been in a similar situation recently.
I bought an 05 ST3 at the very end of 2004, and although I was fully satisfied with it, I wanted to upgrade by replacing it with 05 ST4s for the better suspension and the bit more power. But when I glanced at 06 ST3sABS with the black wheels and red chassis plus ABS, I knew immediately what to do.
It arrived a week ago, but I haven't had a chance to drive it yet, because its snowing heavily here in Hungary, Europe.
As far as I know ST3sABS has the same suspension package as ST4s. There are two main differences apart from the price: 10% less power, but ABS on both wheels. ABS of front and rear brakes are managed separately, not integrated as by Honda for instance.
Reasons to go for ST3sABS vs. St4s:
i) I'm very happy with 3-valve engine
ii) new colour combination
iii) ST4 production finished
iv) lower price

Good luck!
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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