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05 999s questions

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Well iam new here been looking around for a little while :yo:

Ok so i been looking at a 999s 05 model the bike has about 7k miles on it runs amazing huge list of upgrades. my problem comes in when inspecting the bike for purchase i noticed a oil leak around the stud on the vertical cylinder on the gear shift side of the bike :bawling: so i found out that the bike been serviced like someones pride and joy. the oil leak would be about teaspoon 2-3k miles you think should i be concerned ? i know to fix the problem is the o ring that seals it i was told it would be 7-8 hours labor :bawling:
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Sometimes the crank case breather weeps and it flows into that strengthening webbing at the base of the vert. cyl. Give the breather hose clamp an extra turn or two, then tighten up the crank case breather. If it still has the OEM breather think about ditching it for an STM unit.(if this is the issue) I found my breather burped a lot less oil after I changed over to the STM unit.
Make sure it had it's 6K service...make sure the engine doesn't have a "super charger whine":D (main bearing going bad) and your good to go!

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While the 999s motor is very well sorted it does have a few minor issues with age. The cylinder head gaskets can weep oil, which leaks down the cyl and collects at the bottom. The oil vent caps have a tendency to leak a bit. That is a 5 min fix, the cyl head seal is a bit more work to replace, but i think a few hours is more in line.

With a 999 (or any duc) your going to want to see service records, and ensure you have all 3 keys. There are some good threads to check here on things to look for. Coolant leaks, clutch and gear box function...etc.

You need to plan to spend $600 to $1200 at a minimum every two years, and that is bare bones basic up keep. As the 999 ages you will it very likey you will need to update the starter wires, replace or rebuild the starter motor, and inspect the starter clutch. You may also need to replace the nice looking but leak prone brembo master. The fork seals need replacing more often is the bike IS NOT ridden regularly. I would bet on a bike with only 7k but 6 or 7 years of age they will need to re replace soon.

Not to hi-jack your thread, but I recently decided to sell my 05 999s. I have over 5k in receipts of service work to keep the bike in perfect starting and running condition. I have ridden it regularly , short rides, so it has 15K miles on it, but it's 100% sorted (new belts, hoses, starter, hi-cap wires, tires...) I have seen 999s models as cheap as 7 to 8 k, with super low mileage. Don't be too tempted by low price as it's very easy to spend 2k getting a bike that sat into daily riding shape.

I am looking to get around 10K for mine if that helps with a comparison, but it needs nothing and comes with a set of Ducati OEM parts unlimited fairings in addition to the original red OEM body work which is in beautiful condition. having keys, the key code card, all service records and demonstration of upgrade or repair to know 999 weak points are what to look for.


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I have just bought an 05 999S with 20000 miles on it. Last serviced with belts about 8500 miles (3.5 years) ago, with valves done 14000 miles ago.
The clutch is worn but still ok
One closer clearance needed adjustment
Cam belts looked new but replaced anyway
Air filters were that clogged that the plugs were black so new air filters and plugs.
Ive spent around $320 USD so far and doing all the work myself and still to buy engine oil and filter (which was changed 2500 miles ago)
, coolant and brake/clutch fluids
Apart from above there are no oil leaks and the bike did run fine. If i werent doing my own maintenance I would hate to imagine what I would be paying the dealer for all this work.

It seems to be a pretty bullet proof bike and I am loving it :)

It has never had the fork seals replaced and they look fine but has been ridden often.
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