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'04 SS 1000DS lower fairing & exhaust heat

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I've been busy with work stuff and haven't had a chance to ride in over a month. Today I opened up the garage door and pulled out all the bikes and started them just so they could get a little "exercise," basically I started them up to and let them idle in the cold temps. I let the bikes idle for close to ten minutes then went out to shut 'em down and that's when I looked down and noticed just how close the exhaust pipes are to the lower rear portions of the fairing. There's a small opening on both sides and on my bike I happened to notice that the lower left side opening seems a bit too close to the pipe.

Upon closer inspection is seemed okay and wasn't hot to the touch but when compared to the right side it just look right. I've searched the interwebs for pics of this area and all such pics do not resemble my bike, i.e., the fairing is too close to the pipe and seems a tad warped. I need to take a pic and post it. In the meantime does anyone here have feedback regarding high heat situations where the fairing warped??:confused:
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