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So I've got a bad wheel bearing on the rear wheel. I've already pulled the wheel and confirmed the culprit. Only one is bad but I'm gonna swap them out as a pair, especially since they're only $22 each.

My question is are these things a bear to tap in and out? Should they be pressed in or can you do it at home. Probably more worried about getting the old ones out over the new ones in. I'll just throw the new ones in the freezer for a couple days...that usually helps installation also.


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carefully heating up the center of the rim towards
80° celsius, or some little more, will help for sure.

i wouldn't worry too much about getting the old
bearings out, as you don't need them anymore,
you can simply hammer them out.
carefully again of course, with soft punches that
are set on the opposite side of the bearings at
each time, not to hurt the bearing seat.

you could pull the new bearings in, with a large
screw and some nut and washers.

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