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03 monster 800sie speedo swap

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I have an 03 monster that the tach side of the gage set is smashed. The bike still runs ok, I have a new gage set but need to replace the security items from the broken one to the new one. Anyone ever done this? Any information would be greatly appreciated
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My understanding (no FHE, but had to check this out when I thought my ECU was bad) is that the gauge set, key/lock, and ECU are "married" and to replace one, you must replace all - to keep the immobilizer circuitry happy. So I think your replacement gauge set won't be happy, the bike won't start.

One cure is an FIM ECU - they defeat the immobilizer system. But they're not in business anymore, so a used one is the only hope.

Another cure is re-flashing the ECU for about $500, I think. A couple people are doing it, one is on ebay. Again, no FHE with this.

Besides, you don't need no stinking RPMs! :yeah:
the dash can be replaced, the only thing that requires the whole system to be replaced is losing the red key.
I have it from the service manager at Ducati-Seattle that the 5.9 ECU and system requires replacement of the entire set if one component is bad - red key or no red key. (The red key's purpose is making new black keys.) I'd very much like him (and many others who've tried it) to be wrong, but it appears to be the case.

This SS thread is worth reading through to the end:

that is incorrect, the components can be replaced. The issue in the other thread and with the OP of this thread is that gauges cannot be reprogrammed. When you buy an ECU or gauges from Ducati they come as "virgins" and can be programmed using the red key. You cannot, however, buy a set of gauges off one bike and install them on another bike.
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