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Hello all,
I am new to the forum and have spent many hours looking through the different threads regarding conversions/projects/tips/etc... They have most certainly helped me with my first bike project and for that thank you!
I would like to share what I have done with my bike (2nd bike I have owned, 1st I have modified).

2003 Monster 1000 S.i.e. (all stock except for: QD ExBox exhaust; funny looking handle bars which I have now put lower profile bars with bar ends & rear sets = no scrapping on higher lean angles)

Original color was yellow, previous owner painted is silver & I painted it red with the offset white stripes plus changed Ducati lettering style.

What I have modified so far:
Tailchop w/ integrated LED taillights
Lower profile bars with bar end mirrors.
STM Slipper Clucth & Master Cyl.
DSSA to SSSA conversion (bit of a nightmare & still working out the final kinks; totally worth it!!!)

Details about my conversion & issues that I have run into:
- Donor bike was a 2008 S4RS; was able to get the complete SSSA with sprockets, hub, break disc (which is was severely bent **more on this later** ), speedo sensor, rear spindle (ended up using my existing one). It didn't come with the rear suspension or ride height adjuster.
- Rear wheel is from a 2006 S2R
- Front wheel form a 2002 900SS.
- Both front & rear break are the stock breaks from the 03 1000S.i.e.

The good parts:
- Spacing was not an issue between the '03 1000S.i.e. DSSA & '08 S4RS SSSA; all sprockets lined up nicely; engine mount was the same; rear suspension & ride height adjustment (stock from '03 1000S.i.e.) was an easy bolt on to the '08 S4RS SSSA.
- Front wheel was also an easy swap; be sure to put the spacer in place of the mechanical speedo.

The bad parts:
- QD ExBox exhaust fitting was a nightmare with the SSSA. The rear head & pipes did not line up properly and had to be refabed. Rear pipe inlet into the ExBox had to be moved forward about 40mm, which meant cutting the box open and refitting / welding everything back in place (luckly I had an awesome mechanic/fabricator to help me with this). All new rear pipes had to be mocked up and made. No issues with the front pipes.
- When I first mounted the SSSA to a point that all I needed to do it mount the wheel I noticed the the rear disc did not track straight. Alarm bells went off in my head as I was worried that the entire hub might be bent. Got a new rear disc thats was straight and after a lot of measuring of hub, disc, sprockets, etc... all is well and true. Turn out that the disc itself was bent. I have had several different people ride it hard & we have all tested / measured the rear and it all appears nice and true with no wobbles.
- The rear wheel inflation valve is perpendicular to the hub. If I put my dust cap on then it will not clear the rear caliper... Will change the inflation valve to the 90* vavle during my next tire change.
- Rear break line had to be modified as the stock on the '03 1000S.i.e. was too short.
- Finally the one issue I have not resolved: Speedometer! The '03 1000S.i.e. is programed to sense the 6 spoke rear disk and not the 4 magnets from the S4RS rear disk. I have read on various different threads here that all you need is a SpeedoHealer and all should be fine... I want to change my gauges to a some a little nicer like the GT1000 gauges, which in turn raises a couple of questions.

1) I have read here that you will need to reprogram your bike if you change your gauges if you want to transfer your millage & want the immobilizer to work. Contrary to that I have also read that this does not hold true for Ducati's older then 2004... I'll do some more research and post my findings here.

2) I have looked at the wiring diagram for the several different Monster models and have noticed the the output wire form the speedo goes straight from the the speedo to the gauges (does not pass through the ECU). Does this mean that any Monster that has a 4 pulse sensor in the gauges cluster will read the true speed form the 4 magnet rear discs? If this is the case, I will only need a SpeedoHealer if the new gauges are NOT from a model that uses the 4 magnet rear disc?

I am happy to answer any questions you guys may have regarding the bike & mods I have done.

Will post pictures of the bike soon.

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Still have not been able to fix the speedo problem.
Was talking to a friend of mine who has modified cars (not bikes) & is also an engineer he suggested the following:
- Using my CAD skills to design a rear rotor with the mounting point of my SSSA & the pulse pickup points to match my old break disk.
- Get is laser cut & mount it on using it as a rear disk. Using the proper Stainless Steal to coupe with the forces...
Anyone have any experience doing this?
I don't my rear break that much, pretty much only when at a full stop or gently when coming to a full stop.

The other day I was riding to work when my bike started to smoke like crazy.
Regulator rectifier failed (i'm guessing) & alternator was pumping too much juice in the battery causing it to boil...
Strange thing is that my regulator rectifier is less then 6mth old, bought at the Ducati dealership...
Are there any underlying chronic problem with older Monsters and their Alternator / Regulators that I should be looking our for???

Pictures of the SSSA finished to come soon, I promise.

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Here is what she looks like after the conversion.
Still working out a couple of small things here and there, but mechanically she is perfect!
I can post some pictures of the conversion if people are interested. Will work on getting some nice shots of her outdoors.


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