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Hi all, wanted to post up an intro and see what great advise i can get from this forum since i have differing advise, as normal when it comes to things i should replace etc.

I've acquired a project and need to get it street rideable for a 140lb rider.

The owner of the bike laid it down at a bit of speed and hasn't had the time to fix it with all his other projects.
So, i needed a bike to ride on the street and offered to "fix" Elise for him so i get to ride her, on loan for a while. I have great friends. :)

This bike sat covered in a tent type of garage for the past 2 years.
She most definitely needs some love. I'm in the process of trying to find torque specs and a service manual. (any help appreciated) like... is the '03 999 the same as the 04, 05 etc, and is it similar for torque spec reasons as the R or S models? - or if someone has a pdf to send my way.. that would be great. if not, i saw that there was a shop manual from the UK on CD that someone here found. I also found the LT Snyder book for multiple machines that i probably won't ever own at $35. But, may be a good idea to have according to some of you. What does that book have i wonder over a $6 CD for just my particular bike.

I've also been told that i "should" replace the fork oil and or springs. Which i'm not inclined to do. I'm trying to get her up and running stock as possible on the road asap. And the Forks aren't leaking or bent that we can tell.

What is the best place that you've found to get replacement parts?
I'm overwhelmed that screws for the windscreen are $36 or $54 on the motowheels website. oh, and they are out of stock too. :(
I'd be ok with just normal windscreen bolts. So, i'll keep searching.

I won't have too much to offer, since this is my first project.
I do have the parts.pdf and the owners manual.pdf, but unfortunately no service manual quite yet. Not sure why the difficulty for this superbike, any thoughts on that?

a picture of my starting project, i'll update as we go along.

please excuse the iPhone pic quality

so far
1. i've sand blasted the rust off the clutch springs, cleaned and high temp painted them black
2. realized that the bolt heads for the springs are mostly stripped and i need new ones
2.a. cleaned the rust off the clutch plates and replaced. put a shiny new pressure plate on too.
3. tapped the hole that was welded for the kickstand so we can replace the kickstand.
4. cut the front axle to get it out since it was squished and replaced with a new one
5. pulled both wheels off to replace the tires.
6. purchased, charged and replaced the battery. She does have life. :)
7. drained the old oil. still need to cyphen the gas out

Identified lots of rust and corrosion from the moisture an the salt air which i will address after finding the torque specs.
Don't want to remove every bolt i see and clean it without knowing how to put it back together.

Need quite a few more parts.
1. Axle sliders are a must.... silly not to have them.
2. Chain .. 525 at 96 links .. says OEM
3. Sprockets - even though there is only 3000 miles on the bike, the advise i keep getting is to replace the sprockets with the chain. Doubtful i'll buy new sprockets since they seem to be in fine shape. I'll probably clean them up and put them back on.
4. some plastics and bolts
5. the headlight "paint" is peeling

I have very little experience and have some great wrenches at my disposal. A fantastic garage and some help from 2 guys who've rebuilt a KTM engine and replaced their engine and engine casing on an f4i. Both track and moto junkies. None of us are familiar with Ducati's other than my previous ownership of the 2006 s2r 1k. She's fine, in good hands of a new owner i just had to sell her getting close to 16000 miles. I stripped my GSXR 600 track bike and learned a few things, oil change replacing odds and ends of things and figuring out which allen wrenches to use. Don't laugh.. well, go ahead, but at least i'm attempting to learn. :)

thanks all

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Are you my evil twin?
I also have an '03 999 project. She's got missing hardware, mismatched parts, broken parts, electrical issues, rust, corrosion, etc. Garaged for 2 years after being laid down.

...and yes, I needed to replace the windscreen screws and wellnuts too. They are smaller than the commonly found ones so beware.

I'm going through a lot of the same pain yet thrilling discovery process you are. If you have any specific questions or part needs, we definitely need to combine forces. I ordered a hardcopy of the "Desmoquattro Maintenance and Modification Manual". I'll be happy to share some of the info.

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Thanks for the TrueValue Hardware suggestion i'll go looking around. But $13 off ebay sounds just fine to me too.

Still Looking for the workshop manual now!

where did you order it from..?? i did search around and saw one from the UK on CD that you had to wait 4 days for. is there not a .pdf version running around someplace? i'll paypal someone if they have it.

i don't see 2003 999 in this list from duc.nu I have the parts manual and the owners manual.

I mostly need torque settings for the clutch right now, then more of the screws later since i want to take them all out and clean the corrosion off.

Ducati 749 & 999 models

only this one came close.. can this work for my 03 999 ??
Workshop Manual 999 R, 2006 (IT, UK)

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Elise is functional and went for a test ride this past wed evening.

I got the track plastics on her, since the others are rashed and a few different colors.

thanks to brianmdavis and his '04 999rs manual we got a few of the hints we needed to get things working properly. the clutch isn't the same but with the parts pdf and the pictures we were able to figure it all out.

thanks !!
the sitting duc

new shoes and she's back up and running.

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Looks good! what bodywork is that, if you don't mind me asking?

Swap the fork springs for some .90kg/mm springs. You'll never get the bike to corner properly with the stock springs.

The shock, as-is, should be good for your weight
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