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  1. Multistrada 1260S Windshield Spacers - DucPilot.com

    Those of you who are interested in USA fabricated windshield spacers for your Multi should head over to DucPilot.com. We have two (2), 2019 1260S Multi's in the garage. One with a CalSci Medium and one with the OEM screen. The fabrication was excellent and includes fittings for ram ball...
  2. FS - Multistrada windshield stand-offs

    Parts and Accessories
    Made these for my 2010 Multi to reduce the wind noise. Guess I'm too short to get any benefit out of them (I'm 5' 7"). They are reported to work wonders for 6 foot tall riders! 6061 aluminum, powder-coated satin black with a steel stud. $20 and I'll pay shipping. in central Kansas