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  1. Monster
    Hi everyone! Can someone tell me what size shims I need for my 1993 M900 2V engine? I can't figure out if I need 7mm or 8mm.
  2. Monster
    Hey guys, new here but ive got some issues with my 98' monster 600 with about 60,000kms on it. I've had it all of 8 months or so and just recently it hasn't been running properly, getting no response when opening the throttle but after 10 seconds or so it just goes off. I've had it in pieces...
  3. Tech Forum
    Hey all, just purchased an 08 848 from a close friend. I know the history of the this bike and have even ridden it at JenningsGP. Meticulously maintained. It is in need of the 7500 mile service and wondered if anyone can assist me with that? I don’t mind taking it to the dealer, but their...
  4. Tech Forum
    Hello amazing people I took my bike for 12000km servicing. My mechanic told me that my vertical camshaft is flaking. He was not sure if I needed to change that or not but he said maybe it better to change it. It will cost me 500 CAD for parts only. Does anyone have experience with this issue...
1-4 of 4 Results