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  1. Ducati.ms News
    Took bike in to dealer for 600 mile oil change and Need help resetting my oil service light! The dealer can’t reset light.
  2. StreetFighter
    Coming soon....
  3. Supersport
    My bike is going in for service tomorrow for a rear brake reservoir that looks like chocolate pudding when i noticed today some fuel issues. First off this morning as i rode off from a stop under normal traffic speeds the bike DIED and then came back to life in a split second. I could tell by...
  4. Ducati Motorcycle Chat
    I know.. Both aren't comparable to each other, and it probably doesn't make sense to create a thread about this question. But... This is where I'm at. Both have won my heart and I have already purchased the Hypermotard which will arrive in April. I have started researching the Streetfighter...
1-4 of 5 Results