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  1. Monster
    Hi Folks, I recently got the front end of an S4R (Showa TiN) for my Sport Classic. I want to reseal them myself as a project and put in fresh oil. However I seem to need some specific tools (I'm new to this process).Other than the oil and fresh seals which I have, could someone tell me the...
  2. Tech Forum
    Does anyone have a flywheel tool similar to this that I could borrow? Long story short is I have ordered one that showed in stock and apparently is not. Looking at 2 or more weeks at least and I really need this much faster. I’ll pay shipping both ways and a deposit if needed. Thank you. Brandon
  3. Sport Classic
    Hello! I'm having to take apart my 1000ds engine on my '07 gt1000. I am searching for information or resources so that I don't have to spend a fortune on the specialized Ducati engine tools I need. I've seen half kits and full kits on ebay, $550 for a (mostly) full set (doesn't include the head...
1-3 of 4 Results