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  1. Superbikes
    Just an odd question. I have a 99 748S with stock exhaust. Cans are the standard Ducati part number blah blah blah. However, I've found a few cans that look identical (aluminum can and such) but have the Termignoni logo etched into them. I've seen a few ads list them as stock 748R cans. I found...
  2. Multistrada
    Looking for some inspiration for my 2016 PP, eyeing up an SC Project CR-T with Akra titanium cat delete build and seeing if anyone has done this before? I found one YT video with no details. Will continue to search but this may be my next project.
  3. Superbikes
    A few years ago I had a 2005 999R with full termi, the last bit of pipe that went up close to the swingarm has a somewhat oval/flattened section. I sold it years back and lately I have been looking at replacing it. I found another 2005, and the seller says it has the full termi system but it...
  4. HyperMotard
    Hello all, Apologies in advance if this topic has been previously discussed but I cannot seem to find definitive information on the subject. Looking at slip-on options and I love the Termi under-seat dual cans. I read a number of people stating the DB killers cannot be removed on this--is that...
1-9 of 35 Results