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  1. Supersport
    Hello everyone, I hope you guys enjoy the summer ! I have a problem with my '94 750 SS. Mixture seems too rich. Someone offers me 1800 € for the bike. I'm thinking about it but it's worth trying the Tovami kit to fix the problem, right? S.o already tried it ? I have a K&N filter and Bos...
  2. Supersport
    Bike ran well until I went to replace the battery. Replaced battery with new odyssey, cranks great now. Initially started but ran rough and wouldn't idle. Now it won't catch at all. Confirmed fuel (all fresh, clear gas) is being dumped into FC41s so not fuel. Pulled plugs each fires with plenty...
  3. Supersport
    Hi, I hope everyone enjoy the summer ! I have a problem on my 94' 750 SS. I already tried a lot of things but the bike still doesn't run properly. When I turn the key, the fuel pomp makes a strange noise, then runs normaly. I push the start button, the bike starts but you can feel a lag...
  4. Supersport
    Hi everyone ! I hope everything is fine for you. Last september, I felt a carb problem on my ’94 750 Supersport. With your help, I changed my emulsion tube and it worked perfectly. I recently had another problem : When I start the bike, she’s shy at the beginning but start to idle 1-2...
  5. Supersport
    2002 Ducati super sport 750 I can’t find diagrams showing where the fuel delivery hose connects two and where the backflow hose connects to the throttle body. Can someone give me some guidance on this as to which goes where and why
  6. Supersport
    any recommendations on new piston rings and if I have the correct size (88mm) ALSO WILL THESE WEISCO ONES WORK?
  7. Ducati Motorcycle Chat
    Yesterday I got the chance to interview Ducati CEO Claudio Domenicali for my radio show on Bloomberg. We touched on the new electric-bike agreement with MotoGP, the new Multistrada Pikes Peak and my new SuperSport 950 S -- I asked if he would build me a SuperSport 1200 and he said no. But he...
  8. Supersport
    Hi everyone ! First of all, I'm new on this forum so hello again. My name is Alex, I have 24 and I have ridden old Moto Guzzi's for 3-4 y. I rebuild them with pleasure. I'm not one of the worst in mechanics but I still have a lot to learn. I have a question for you guys about my '94 750 SS. I...
  9. Supersport
    Hey everyone, I'm planning on installing a Fuzeblocks early next week when it arrives, and my question for any fellow classic Supersport owners out there is — what switched source wire did you tap into? What color is it and where is it located? I'm seeking to install the component on or near...
  10. Supersport
    Does anyone know the correct way to remove the stock baffles on my 1996 900SS CR? Also looking for the correct rivet size if anyone knows. Thanks!
  11. Supersport
    Hey everyone, does anybody know the correct size fork seal for the Marzocchi none adjustable forks on a 1996 900SS CR. My forks have showa stickers on the sides but are stamped on the inside with "Marzocchi 750ss" I purchased 41x54x11 fork seals thinking they were showa's but it turns out...
  12. Supersport
    Hey everyone, I need to replace my 1996 900SS chain. Does anyone have any recommendations that won't break the bank? Maybe middle of the road. Put way too much money into this bike trying to get it on the road, but it was worth it.
  13. Supersport
    Hi Everyone, I just picked up my first Ducati, its a 1994 Super Sport and i am STOKED! On the way home from the sellers my wife noticed i didn't have any lights on the rear tail light at all (no running lights, no brake lights). The first thing i thought of was the bulb was burned...
1-13 of 26 Results