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streetfighter 1098
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  1. StreetFighter
    So I bought this bike for a while now (it’s 2011 streetfighter S) and the front brake pads are running out, I don’t know what type of brake pads I need to get for it because the previous owner modes the bike and I don’t really know if he change the rotors or not here’s the pic
  2. StreetFighter
    I have a streetfigher 1098 that will idle prefect when warming up, but as soon as you go above 4000 RPMs the idling gets stuck there. The bike will rev higher but will just get stuck and won't go any lower than 4000 RPMs. the only way to get it back down , is to turn off the bike and turn it...
  3. Superbikes
    Hello, I need all of your guys opinion please. I been having problems with my bike getting stuck at 4000 RPMs when at standstill. Sometimes the bike will go back to normal idle speed. When this happens, there is a clicking noise then the RPMs drop after that. I came to the conclusion that it...
  4. Ducati Motorcycle Chat
    Hello everyone, I have recently been having problems with my throttle and found out that the problem was something called the stepper motor which is a part on the throttle body. My question is, does anyone know where to purchase this part? I went directly through my local Ducati dealer to order...
  5. 2011 Sf1098s

  6. 2011 Sf1098s

1-6 of 7 Results