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  1. Monster
    Hello, Got a 2001 Ducati monster 600 that is having charging issues. Pretty much narrowed down to likely being the stator but I am waiting on a cover puller to get here. Does anyone have a definitive part number or link to a stator that works for this bike? I have heard some are interchangeable...
  2. Sport Touring
    Guess it’s my turn to get more involved in the wonders of the regulator/rectifier... My ’98 ST2 has stopped charging my 2 year old (lithium) battery. 2 repairs on the stator wires over the last 6 years have prolonged the life of the Shindengen SH673-12 that was mounted on the frame member above...
  3. Supersport
    Soooooo, after pulling the clutch cover and sealing everything oil related on that side of the bike I'm now onto the stator cover. The clutch cover wasn't sealed well and it looks like a little bit of oil was escaping from the top where it meets the belt cover. After running it while on the rear...
  4. Superbikes
    So I had to recently pop open the stator cover to service the water pump. While doing so I discovered my 2 wire stator wires where getting toasty at the bullet terminals. I know I should probably replace the wiring from the stator with thicker gauge, but I do not ride this bike on the street...
1-4 of 4 Results