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  1. Welcome and Introduction
    I bought my first Ducati (916 Strada) in October 1996 - still have it, never gives me any trouble. It was manufactured in 1994; first batch I believe; and first owner bought it in Italy in November 1994, rode it back to the UK and it was the first (and only) 916 UK registered in 1995. I am the...
  2. Welcome and Introduction
    Had an ST2 years back, she chewed up the bearing on the crank and i rebuilt it, and ended up getting rid of it back in 2015. Been wanting to get back on 2 wheels so i ended up picking up a very well maintained 25K mile 2002 ST4s. Wanted to drop in and say hello, this forum was very helpful when...
  3. Sport Touring
    New to Ducati learning they are more expensive than my HD to keep up! So I know of the bent axle plates issue first hand, sets for steel swingarms are available in billet for an ST4 but does anyone know of a solution for my aluminum swingarm, available on the S models? Frustrated as to why...
  4. Sport Touring
    It's been about 5 years since i last came on this site.... Here my list of (poor) excuses.... I started a family and my precious 'sunny days only' Ducati got garaged and this is where it has stayed. In that time i haven't ridden it - i know i know....im ashamed of myself too! BUT....I have...
  5. Welcome and Introduction
    Good Morning and Happy New Year to you all I have been around Ducatis for many years as a supplier of decals to a Ducati service centre since 1992. I had a Honda cb 750 f1 from around 76 in the early eighties, it got stolen and I never got back on a bike until early last year. I had to pick up...
  6. My Italian Mistress

    She's a little fussy, high maintenance, and expensive, but OH MY does she like to party!
  7. My Rubber Duckie

    Just bought my first Duc. Here she is!
  8. Me And My St4s

    This bike originally came from New Mexico where it was stored for seven (7) years. In the background is Lake Roosevelt, south of Kettle Falls, WA.
  9. 2nd Generation

    Joseph Canyon Viewpoint; NE-OR Hwy 3 just after losing our "Rattlesnake V Card"
  10. Old Tool St4s Abs Small

    2010 camping in Wales
  11. Old Tool St4s Abs

    my bike
  12. Stile De Cane

    2002 ST4S lots of carbon
1-16 of 21 Results