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  1. Sport Touring
    So I got my first Ducatti St4 a couple weeks ago. It's a 2001 one, I was looking through the owners manual online and discovered there's a power outlet on the left side of my bike, near the handle to help get it on the center stand. I thought oh this is great I can charge my phone with this if I...
  2. Sport Touring
    Hello! It's mr paranoid speaking here. I've done my first engine rebuild on my beloved ST4. I've noticed the engine ticking a bit louder than usual when idling after the rebuild. The ticking noise is mainly coming from the exhaust side on the left of the bike on both cylinders. Though it's...
  3. Sport Touring
    Hello guys, I've been reading for a looooooong time on this forum but never had the chance to actually post as I've always found the answer to my problems. But not this time. I've just finished the engine rebuild on my Ducati ST4. When rebuilding, I've refilled the radiator slowly to get a rid...
1-3 of 6 Results