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  1. Tech Forum
    Hello everyone, I recently bought a 1998 ST2 from someone who left it sitting for a couple years. this bike had a dead battery and a crapped up fuel system from sitting. I replaced the battery and fuel filters and cleaned the system out. Eventually it would not turn over. I replaced the starter...
  2. Sport Touring
    Hey everyone, I just installed a new clutch kit from Newfren and I'm having an issue. When I'm gear and I pull the clutch, the bike wants to roll forward. I can stop it with my feet and brake though. I rode the bike for around 5 miles so far. Any idea how long this break in takes? I feel pretty...
  3. Sport Touring
    Short version: Getting nothing when I turn the key on my '00 ST2. No clicks, no sound of injectors priming. The screen stays dead. Longer version: The battery was dead so I roll started it down a hill. It ran for a few minutes then suddenly died under me. I was going around 40 mph so I...
  4. Sport Touring
    A few months back I noticed that my ST2 was cranking slower and slower. I had had the bike a few years and had no idea how old the battery was, so I figured it was at the end of its life and I replaced it. The bike cranked nicely at first and seemed to be OK, but after a few rides over a...
  5. Humane Society Ruff Ride Vt 2012

    Humane Society Ruff Ride Vt 2012

    Photo from the 2012 Addison County Ruff Ride charity run June 2012
  6. 2000 Ducati St2

    2000 Ducati St2

    Close-up of the Cafe Seat
  7. 2000 Ducati St2

    2000 Ducati St2

    Cafe Seat
  8. 2000 Ducati St2

    2000 Ducati St2

    My new baby...
  9. My New To ME 2001 ST2

    My New To ME 2001 ST2

    This is my first Ducati and can't wait to pick her up!!!
  10. Angelina_Berkshires