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  1. Superbikes
    Hi all, I wanted to change my rear sprocket today, sitting on a JT Sprocket Carrier (JTA750B). To my horror and disgust all 5 bolts had bad threads. Basically the lock nuts were turning without coming off. Two of them had to be convinced with an angle grinder (n) (I sure did show them who's...
  2. Superbikes
    Hi all, I'm about to change both sprockets and chain on a 2002 748. My question is whether I can do it while the bike is on the side-stand? In other words, will the wheel come off when unfastening the big rear sprocket nut? Some people say it will, some say it will not - what's up and down...
  3. Tech Forum
    So, today i finally made my mind about changing my rear sprocket. Im looking for advice and also a guide to help me do that. The chain on the bike only have 3000km thats the reason im not changing it too. I find the AEM Factory parts very attractive. Im looking at a ''complete'' change Quick...
  4. Sport Classic
    14t is the way to go, BUT in all the threads I searched, no one brought up or linked these options. My question is two-fold 1) how will pitch (520 vs 525) affect me (if at all)? I'm interested in the why, so even if the short answer is 'it wont', I'd still read and enjoy the rational from...
1-4 of 4 Results