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    Year 2006. 30,844 miles. Southern California • Ohlins forks with preload, rebound and compression adjustments. • Ohlins rear shock with hydraulic adjustment and rebound and compression adjustments. • Oil and Oil filter changed at 26,362. • New DID VX chain and front and rear sprockets. • Belts...
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    I have a very clean 2017 Ducati Multistrada 1200 Enduro Touring Package. I’m the second owner. As you are probably aware if you are looking, this bike has traction control, ABS, 4 riding modes with on the fly adjustment, fulling electronically adjustable suspension, heated grips and cruise...
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    Does anyone happen to have any experience with installing or riding a scrambler with the small little windshields? Looking to buy one and start some small trips across Texas but not sure if it will help with any resistance. Thoughts? Advice? I was thinking something like the photo here.
  4. 2003 St4s Abs

    2003 St4s Abs

    March 2009
  5. 2003 St4s Abs

    2003 St4s Abs

    March 2009