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sport touring
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  1. Sport Touring
    Who runs what? Bikes been getting quite hot this summer here in NC, and i swapped the coolant with engine ice hoping for a little help. Not sure it helped drop temp at all. I hear a lot of guys rave about Water Wetter. This winter ill install a fan bypass switch but id like to see if i can help...
  2. Welcome and Introduction
    Had an ST2 years back, she chewed up the bearing on the crank and i rebuilt it, and ended up getting rid of it back in 2015. Been wanting to get back on 2 wheels so i ended up picking up a very well maintained 25K mile 2002 ST4s. Wanted to drop in and say hello, this forum was very helpful when...
  3. Ducati Motorcycle Chat
    Does anyone happen to have any experience with installing or riding a scrambler with the small little windshields? Looking to buy one and start some small trips across Texas but not sure if it will help with any resistance. Thoughts? Advice? I was thinking something like the photo here.
  4. 2003 St4s Abs

    March 2009
  5. 2003 St4s Abs

    March 2009
1-5 of 7 Results