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  1. Sport Classic
    Hi all, The latest threat in this forum about SportClassic Sport 1000S fairings is from back 2014... let's try to update that! 😊 I've recently secured the purchase of a red Sport Classic Sport 1000S with full fairings (handover next week if all good! 🤞) and I'd like to buy as well the small...
  2. Sport Classic
    Hi Folks, Bit of an odd question here but I suspect a few folks know their way around the front of these bikes. I recently got a set of forks and triple tree from a donor S4R. I'm servicing the forks now and will fit it to my Sport Classic 1000 mono before the riding season starts. I also am...
  3. Sport Classic
    Hi Folks! After a couple of track days on my Monoposto and a thousand+ city and autobahn kilometers (not to mention the innevitable comparison to my other bikes), I've realised I need to improve my brakes and front suspension. While I have a decent amount of riding experience, I am a mechanical...
  4. Sport Classic
    G'day folks. Like many before me, I am starting down the road to getting better suspension for my Monoposto. I've read the sticky and think I have a general idea of what will work out of the box (Monster S2/4R/RS swaps) and what won't. Buying the aftermarket Öhlins looks like its not even an...
  5. Sport Classic
    I’ve recently committed to purchasing a 07 red sport classic 1000S with full fairing as an investment. I also think it’s the sexiest bike ever made. Bike has no mileage. Any insight on where the value of these bikes is headed. A few ads online with these bikes listed in the low $20’s would...
  6. Sport Classic
    Getting a customized tune will make you fall in love all over again. Let me explain... I have a 2006 SC with Termi exhaust 2:2, open airbox with the K&N filters, 8mm ignition cables, dry clutch, and smaller front chain sprocket. This bike does have the DP ECU but its not perfect because in...
  7. Sport Classic
    Hi there, I'm having a problem where the bike starts, runs rough and stalls in a few seconds. I can keep some throttle on but it will run even rougher and as soon as I let go of the throttle it'll stall immediately. I have read a similar post from last week "Idle and Die". I will check the...
  8. Sport Classic
    Hello, Bike: 2006 Ducati Sport 1000 Problem: Shuts off after 11 seconds cold starting. Once I turn the bike on it will try to idle for 11 seconds then shut off. During that time the tachometer will jump between 500 and 1000 RPM. If I give her some throttle she will cut off after I let go...
  9. My Forza 9

    2006 both mono/biposto Sport 1000
  10. Se

    In the garage
  11. spede67

    vintage 2 wheels
1-13 of 22 Results