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  1. Monster
    I installed Arrow slip-ons on my 2007 S2R 800 because I wanted an exhaust with a deeper tone, but I am a bit disappointed after installing them since they were so pricey and the sound barely changed (it's just slightly deeper after removing the DB Killers). I was wondering if removing the...
  2. Monster
    So I have a monster that has become an amalgamation of a 620, an S2R 800, and a 750ss. It's a 61.5mm stroke with 88mm pistons pumping through the S2R 800 barrels and valves. The big bore kit from Ferracci (Feracci? Feraci?) for the S2R 800 is a 91mm. Would the 61.5mm stoke through the 800...
  3. Monster
    Hey guys, I am a bit at the end of my thread here but I'll keep it brief. I just got my s2r back from the shop after a bunch of maintenance, got the battery replaced, replaced handlebars that have been bent since I was a teenager, etc. Rode back from the shop 100 miles to my home (no issues...
  4. Monster
    I am here hoping to get some updated info on replacements for the clutch plates, basket, and crush washer. I went to my local dealer in San Diego and they want some insane cash for these replacement parts and don't really want to drop 1200 for a few plates and basket. I have researched the...
1-4 of 4 Results