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  1. StreetFighter
    The bike hasnt really had any problems except for when i would accelerate the check engine light would come on for a little bit and the gas light would come on breifly but when it would eventually go away after riding. But i was riding one day and the engine light came on and the gas light...
  2. Ducati Motorcycle Chat
    Hi guys, borrowed a bit of this text because exact issues as mine. I have 2013 Diavel with 11K on it. Yesterday I went for a ride and some miles down the road , the bike started behaving badly . It was popping and banging out of the exhaust , low down on power and when starting from standstill...
  3. Sport Touring
    Guess it’s my turn to get more involved in the wonders of the regulator/rectifier... My ’98 ST2 has stopped charging my 2 year old (lithium) battery. 2 repairs on the stator wires over the last 6 years have prolonged the life of the Shindengen SH673-12 that was mounted on the frame member above...
1-3 of 3 Results