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  1. Tech Forum
    Hi all, recently as I was riding and was on gear 3. My bike had a sudden loss of power while the orange engine light came up, it blinks occasionally. At times, the orange engine light stayed for awhile. When I was on my way back home, while stopping at a traffic junction. The orange engine light...
  2. Supersport
    I just bought a Ducati from a private seller a few weeks ago, it has 13k miles on it. I'm having an issue in 1st gear where when I hit around 9k rpm the bike feels like it just cuts power hard and doesn't want to accelerate at all, it doesn't do this in the other gears and pulls fine in 2nd and...
  3. Diavel
    I have a 2011 Ducati Diavel Carbon. I was having an issue with the bike stuttering at low RPM and losing power. I replaced the exhaust with an aftermarket option and that completely fixed the stuttering. The bike runs fine, starts fine, but has next to no power and is running hotter than usual...
1-3 of 3 Results