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  1. Monster
    I mistakenly overfilled the oil. Stupid mistake, it was on a slope when I changed the oil. Went for a ride, and started running rough, check engine light came on. Pulled over and checked the oil window, see lots of frothy oil. Managed to limp it home, but the computer seemed to depower the...
  2. Monster
    Hello, I am a new user so please go easy. I recently purchased a fuel injected 2003 Monster 800. I have had it for a little over month. All fluids looked good. The oil level on the kick-stand was just below the lower level on the sight glass, and when centered the level was between the maximum...
  3. Superbikes
    848 evo 2011. Today I parked the mc towards the wall (think it was in level). I filled oil just below the upper marking. See picture. But if I move her a little bit towards me the oil reaches top of the oil level indicator glass. I filled the oil filter before fitting it. Took her for a spin...
1-3 of 3 Results