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  1. Supersport
    Hi, just bought a 1994 900 SS/SP. 11.5k miles, well maintained. Changed the oil, let the bike run for a minute. Shut it off to observe the oil level in the sight glass. The oil filling the sight glass is white, foamy, milky in color. It eventually clears up, but it takes 5-10 mins. I used red...
  2. HyperMotard
    Hey gang, I just turned 622 miles on my odometer & called the Duc dealership in KC to schedule the first service for my ‘21 950 Hyper. It’s my understanding that this service is simply an oil change & check the torque specs on some nuts/ bolts. Would I be correct to assume the service tech will...
  3. HyperMotard
    Just got my first ducati. So I'm new to the Forum. It's a 2008 hypermotard 1100s that just rolled 8000 miles. I prefer to do all service myself so I went over the bike and replaced all the basics. Air filter. Spark plugs. Chain and sprockets. Tires. Both timing belts. Battery. Ect. I was doing a...
  4. Monster
    Hi All, I'm about to change the oil and I was wondering about the torque specs for the oil drain plug and the mesh filter. I found the 2014 model service manual where it states 20nm for the drain plug (which seems a bit high to me) and 10nm for the 4 screws of the mesh filter cover. Mine is the...
  5. Superbikes
    Hello Ducatisti! Are there any V4 engine'd bike owners that would be willing to offer their bike for a short video shoot in exchange for an oil filter cover? I've designed and sell an oil filter cover that makes it a bit easier to remove and prevents damage to the engine cases. It uses a...
  6. HyperMotard
    Hello all, first time Ducati owner here moving over from the super sports. What oil do you recommend for these bikes? Looking for some good quality oil to continue wheeling the piss out if my bike!
1-6 of 6 Results