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  1. Supersport
    Hello to everybody. I need some help. I bought a new SS 950, it replaced a SS939 from 2017. From the first day it made a whining noise, especially audible in low revs and slow speed. It is mostly audible when I close throttle an the bike is rolling. It goes away when I pull the clutch. Today I...
  2. Monster
    Hi, I just bought my new monster 821 stealth 2020 3 weeks ago. When it reached about 500 km mileage, I noticed a noise from the horizontal cylinder. It sounds like the noise of something got loose in the cylinder. It only happens when the bike is hot like 100+ degrees. in the link is the video I...
  3. Sport Touring
    Hello! It's mr paranoid speaking here. I've done my first engine rebuild on my beloved ST4. I've noticed the engine ticking a bit louder than usual when idling after the rebuild. The ticking noise is mainly coming from the exhaust side on the left of the bike on both cylinders. Though it's...
1-3 of 3 Results