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  1. Multistrada
    Hello, So, I've had a setback while mounting my Givi TN7413 crash bars on my MTS V4. I had the bike on the center stand and when I unplug the 2 screws near the right footpeg (red), all that part went upwards (blue) and now I can't screw the bolts to lock that position. The first impulse was to...
  2. Multistrada
    I am wondering if any other Multistrada V4S owners have experienced kickback at the shift lever when upshifting their bikes. It’s most noticeable on my bike when I use the clutch in the conventional manner of pulling in the clutch lever and fully disengaging the clutch before upshifting from...
  3. Multistrada
    I got a Mts v4 with spoked wheels and want to switch to alloy wheels. Anyone looking to swap alloy wheels for spoked wheels?
  4. Multistrada
    While researching the best bash plate for the V4S I noticed that the SW Motech provides much more protection for the headers. What have you found as the best bash plate for our bikes?
  5. Multistrada
    Hi! 25 Days ago i bought a new Multi V4S, did the break in and noticed some random engine stutter like the engine turns off for a fraction of a second. It is random and harsh, happens some times through the day usually at low rpm (2500 - 4000) but never at idle. I Went to the Dealer/Service two...
  6. Multistrada
    I just took delivery of the 2021 Multistrada V4S service manual. I talked to the dealer about buyiing the service manual and they were now able to provide a confirmation on how to get it. I received multiple answers from them that ranged from buying a USB stick with all 2021 service manuals on...
1-6 of 7 Results