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  1. Welcome and Introduction
    Getting a Ducati is like asking out the prom queen (or king) whatever you rock your boat!, in that you probably have a friend who has been loyal and supportive when you most needed them (yamaha and honda) in my case, but you will risk humiliation just so that you can try your luck with that...
  2. Multistrada
    I just discovered how to turn the headlights on without starting the engine. Posting this just in case others ignore the owner's manual like me. :rolleyes: #RTFM I was installing some LED bulbs on my 2011 1200S and wanted to test them. It's cold so I was avoiding rolling up the garage door...
  3. Multistrada
    Curious if anyone is familiar with the company Ducati Aprilia Kamna in Germany? They offer aluminum flywheels for what seems like a very reasonable price: https://www.ducati-kaemna.de/schwungrad-alu-ergal-multistrada-1200.html
  4. Multistrada
    Working with a 2011 Multistrada 1200 S Touring. Runs poorly below 4k and vertical plug is black. When I connect Melcodiag and go to Passive Tests and tick refresh under MAP it displays nothing. Tried it several times (disconnect/reconnect, engine running/not running, etc.) and there...
  5. Tech Forum
    re: 2011 Multistrada 1200S Just finished valve adjustment, timing belts and a K&N filter. Is it advisable to reset anything other than the Desmo service interval? A/F? It still runs a little ragged around 3500 RPM, but I blame that on the Mystery Map that I inherited. :rolleyes:
  6. Multistrada
    So here's something I just discovered while having a chip key made for my 2011 MTS 1200 S Touring: the owner's manual is wrong! This may be old news- but the antenna referred to on page 114 does not allow the passive key to work. On my bike we had to hold the key against the back of the...
  7. Great Deals
    Factory top box mounting kit- new open-box complete. Ducati MTS1200 Top Box Mounting
  8. Multistrada
    So this 2011 MTS1200 S that I recently bought shows a tidbit in the service history "REXXER FLASH" back in 2014. This little tag on the ECU connector lead would seem to support this... BUT... everything I have read seems to indicate this magical product improves low-speed throttle response. I...
  9. Multistrada
    Not sure where the fluid has gone on my 2011 MTS 1200S. The other day my clutch lever stopped fully returning. I could manually push it back out - and the clutch seemed to be working. Then I noticed the fluid looked very dark. When I got home I removed the cap but the rubber bellows stayed in...
  10. Multistrada
    I'm shopping for a top case to fit my 2011 and seeing different part numbers for the 2015 > Are they really different? Will they fit the earlier bikes? If they're all Givi mounts it seems like the box itself would interchange.
1-13 of 16 Results