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  1. Monster
    Hello, I am a new user so please go easy. I recently purchased a fuel injected 2003 Monster 800. I have had it for a little over month. All fluids looked good. The oil level on the kick-stand was just below the lower level on the sight glass, and when centered the level was between the maximum...
  2. Monster
    Hello , I know a retired gentleman who has 1 Decati left for sale ! He used it for track purpose only , well maintained , I have to add lights to make it street legal , 11k miles , should I buy ? Or stay away from it ?
  3. Monster
    Hi everyone! Can someone tell me what size shims I need for my 1993 M900 2V engine? I can't figure out if I need 7mm or 8mm.
  4. Monster
    I bought a 1998 Ducati Monster 750 last week. The previous owner has driven 2500 km on it in the past 5 years and has therefore stood still for a while. Now I just noticed that the carburettor is dirty. It does not appear to be leaking, but there are traces that it has leaked. It is unclear to...
  5. Welcome and Introduction
    Hey guys Relatively new member here to the forum. Below is my 2012 M1100 Evo. Mods are: Custom paint job - gloss metallic black, flat black and reflective red vinyl Termignoni DP Air Filter DP ECU Woodcraft one piece tank skin/cover Rizoma handle bar, front brake resi, clutch resi, rear brake...
  6. Monster
    I installed Arrow slip-ons on my 2007 S2R 800 because I wanted an exhaust with a deeper tone, but I am a bit disappointed after installing them since they were so pricey and the sound barely changed (it's just slightly deeper after removing the DB Killers). I was wondering if removing the...
  7. Monster
    Hi. I am not sure if this is the right place to post this kind of thread. So, sorry on beforehand if it is not But I need help with my Ducati Monster 696', So.. The engine on my Ducati Monster 696 2008 model is completely totalled and needs to be replaced with a new one entirely. I have...
  8. Monster
    So I have a monster that has become an amalgamation of a 620, an S2R 800, and a 750ss. It's a 61.5mm stroke with 88mm pistons pumping through the S2R 800 barrels and valves. The big bore kit from Ferracci (Feracci? Feraci?) for the S2R 800 is a 91mm. Would the 61.5mm stoke through the 800...
  9. Monster
    So, the situation. Break light always on. Isolated the front break switch at the lever. The little “button” is almost flush it pokes out a mm or 2. There’s No way that the lever when not pressed can make contact with the “button”.... am I experiencing a bad / stuck “button”? Or is my lever...
  10. Monster
    Hey what are some preferences for new tires... it’s time for new shoes! I have been running a set of Bridgestone Battalax... I’m looking at Perrelli Rosso II... thoughts? Thanks. -g
  11. Monster
    Needed Advice Please: Planning on buying a 2017 1200s w/ 31k miles. It would be my first Ducati. I rode RD400 all the time. Love those bikes, but want something to go the distance. So any advice? Thank you, R
  12. Monster
    Hey everyone, I'm a newbie at using a timing light, but I need to check the timing on my 2001 Monster 750. Early summer, I replaced both pickup coils. (Also completely rejetted and surgically cleaned the carbs.) Symptoms: After balancing the carbs, setting idle is a challenge. Once warmed...
  13. Monster
    What ABS level do you operate on sport mode and why ? Do you keep it at the default setting or do you customize it ?
1-13 of 53 Results