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    Hey what are some preferences for new tires... it’s time for new shoes! I have been running a set of Bridgestone Battalax... I’m looking at Perrelli Rosso II... thoughts? Thanks. -g
  2. Monster
    Needed Advice Please: Planning on buying a 2017 1200s w/ 31k miles. It would be my first Ducati. I rode RD400 all the time. Love those bikes, but want something to go the distance. So any advice? Thank you, R
  3. Monster
    Hey everyone, I'm a newbie at using a timing light, but I need to check the timing on my 2001 Monster 750. Early summer, I replaced both pickup coils. (Also completely rejetted and surgically cleaned the carbs.) Symptoms: After balancing the carbs, setting idle is a challenge. Once warmed...
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    What ABS level do you operate on sport mode and why ? Do you keep it at the default setting or do you customize it ?
  5. Parts and Accessories
    Howdy! Ducabike Ohlins Steering Damper For Ducati Monster 1200/1200S 2017-2020. Could possibly be used on an 821. Please contact Motovation USA for clarification of fitment. Damper will include all original hardware. Damper kit was used for 100 miles and 6 months that it sat under the...
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    hello guys I have such a problem on my ducati monster 1100 2010. check engine caught fire, It runs at high revs around 2,000 or very low revs and the motor turns off. Sometimes he has a twitching. What reasons could be? I cleaned the injectors, changed the fuel pump, the spark plug works fine...
  7. Monster
    So the first time I took the clutch apart to replace the plates I remembered to put it in neutral first. But after replacing the clutch pack I was having a weird issue where the clutch would not ENGAGE. I know many people have an issue where it won’t DISengage, but I could put the bike in first...
  8. Monster
    Hey guys, new here but ive got some issues with my 98' monster 600 with about 60,000kms on it. I've had it all of 8 months or so and just recently it hasn't been running properly, getting no response when opening the throttle but after 10 seconds or so it just goes off. I've had it in pieces...
  9. Parts and Accessories
    For sale like new Ducati streetfighter carbon fender Also works with Ducati monster and Superbike I put it on once but didnt like the look on my streetfighter, no scratces or blemishes Ship to CONUS only
  10. Tech Forum
    Unfortunately my first post here has to be about the issue I'm having about my Ducati. I'm going to post all the information I have on this issue I possibly can, I will respond to questions as thorough and quick as possible. 2017 Ducati Monster 797 13,xxx miles Videos of what's happening...
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    Any year
  12. Monster
    Hi! I really like the S4R and I'm wondering if anyone has any tips or suggestions to share. The bike I want has done 44 000km. What kind of things should I check/look for when checking the bike? or what kind of maintenance should I expect with those specs. Thanks!
  13. Parts and Accessories
    Hi guys! I'm looking for a 1098S, 1098R or an 1198 engine. Unfortunately, I had a bit of trouble with mine and is now completely wrecked. Please help! Please don't hesitate to reply to this thread if you could assist me in any way! Thank you!
  14. Monster
    First, I am a middle-aged rider who spent my life on Enduros and Dual-Sports. The natural tendency is to be pulled towards various adventure bikes or possibly sport-tourers. While a mid-size KTM or BMW twin would certainly work, the reality is I won't take one of those on any single track...
  15. Tech Forum
    I got a dead battery last weak and thought it was a good time to swap it out for a Shorai. In this video, I share my thoughts and walk you through how to swap out the battery step by step.
  16. Monster
    hello..recently i just bought a ducati monster 821 model 2019..it is a month old bike..yesterday when i start up the bike and approxmiately a minute or two later the temp become 80-90 celcius in a jiff and the header of the exhaust become really red..i tried to switch off and restart the bike...
  17. Monster
    Hey all new to the forum just to diagnose this issue. I live in aus and its prime riding time right now so im in the process of registering my bike. few days ago i went out to start it. battery was dead of course, charged it up fully. after charge was sitting at just above 13V so nice and...
  18. Monster
    Hello all, I recently installed OE LED turn signals in both the front and rear of my 13 1100 EVO and now my left side is fast flashing while the right side is perfectly normal. The lights were bought new from Ducati and include all the necessary resistors. Before I switched the front to LED’s...
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    07 Monster S4rs

  20. 07 Monster S4rs

    07 Monster S4rs