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  1. Superbikes
    I recently purchased a Marvic Mg long swingarm and Marchesini Mg wheels (17x6 rear) and am having trouble fitting the rear wheel. The stock rear brake caliper will not fit in stock location, it fouls on the swingarm. The caliper also hits the spokes of the wheel. For those that have used...
  2. HyperMotard
    I'm looking for an official weight on the hyper sp (or any of the bikes that use the small axle 5.5) chicken feet wheel. Has anyone happened to weigh their SP wheels? Iv searched, I'm tired of digging. There have been numerous wheel weights posted for other bikes as well as aftermarket wheel...
  3. HyperMotard
    New parts! From the beginning of my Hyper ownership I was not a fan of the SP chicken feet marchesini wheels. My bike isn't an SP but I intended on swapping out wheels to forged wheels when I came across a deal. Well, that deal popped up on the design I really wanted. The deal included Ducabike...
  4. Supersport
    Hello everyone, Looking for a good lead on a set of magnesium wheels for my 1995 900ss cr. Marvic, marchesini, gailspeed, oz piega, 3-10 spoke. Preferably black but not a deal breaker. I'm told it's one of the best ways to improve the suspension. Everything on Ebay is in Japan and...
1-4 of 7 Results