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  1. Monster
    Hey everybody, I just bought a 2016 Monster 1200 with 4700mi. According to the previous owners service records, he bought the bike new in 2016, serviced it for the following 2 years (‘17/‘18) and hasn’t brought it back for service since. He also hasn't put much mileage on it. Besides timing...
  2. Tech Forum
    So, today i finally made my mind about changing my rear sprocket. Im looking for advice and also a guide to help me do that. The chain on the bike only have 3000km thats the reason im not changing it too. I find the AEM Factory parts very attractive. Im looking at a ''complete'' change Quick...
  3. Monster
    I have always owned Honda bikes and have always dreamed of having a ducati monster. I hear all kinds of stories about how Italian bikes don't hold up like Japanese bikes. I am wondering why I should buy a ducati monster over the suzuki sv. Are ducatis that much harder to work on yourself? Are...
  4. Monster
    Hi everyone, I have a 2011 Ducati Monster 696 ABS that I enjoy riding around San Diego. I'm looking to get mechanically involved with anyone in the area that works on these types of bikes. I do some of my own maintenance, like battery, oil, chain, brake pads, brake fluid, etc. and would like...
1-4 of 4 Results