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  1. Monster
    Hey all, sorry dor the retarted post, bc thats exactly what i am for doing what i did, but can anyone show me where or which are the proper spots to plug in the 2 & 3 pin male and female connectors for what i believe are the ignition coils behind the air box go. I, like the complete and total...
  2. Monster
    My 2001 M750 after weeks of working with jetting combinations is just so bad with acceleration, especially off the line. I did install new pickup sensors down in the alternator area back in the spring before all the rejetting and fuel line work. Between ignition boxes, coils, spark plugs...
  3. Monster
    After 2 months and 20 painstakingly logged jetting / needle clip / float height / fuel screw changes, the one performance characteristic that absolutely befuddles me with this bike (2001 M750, carbie) is that it absolutely, positively, never, ever accelerates cleanly from a standing start. I...
1-3 of 3 Results