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  1. Monster
    Hey guys, my monsters isn't starting. (2004 Monster S4R) updated here's what happens: when you turn the key everything seems normal. gauges and fuel pump activate. When I hit the ignition switch, nothing happens. I tested the switch, and it works. tested the solenoid, it works. tested the...
  2. Monster
    2001 Monster 750 The horizontal cylinder is only firing intermittently at idle, and apparently not at all when revved. (Explains the amazingly poor performance of the bike!) Vertical is firing in a completely normal fashion. New coils New pickup sensors. Resistance: 122ohms measured at...
  3. Ducati Motorcycle Chat
    I am looking for some advice for when I assemble my 900ss engine as I have taken the pick ups off without marking where the nuts sat to secure it. Suggestions? Or is it really that big of a deal?
  4. Monster
    My 2001 M750 after weeks of working with jetting combinations is just so bad with acceleration, especially off the line. I did install new pickup sensors down in the alternator area back in the spring before all the rejetting and fuel line work. Between ignition boxes, coils, spark plugs...
1-4 of 4 Results