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  1. Superbikes
    Hi, i do have an SF 848 but i prefer to post here considering it's an engine related thing. In the last weeks especially the last 2, i noticed that the bike wants to power off when coming to a stop and i pull the clutch in, and it keeps getting worse. Idle is a bit low too (until like 1 month...
  2. Superbikes
    Hello all, first post here and thanks in advance for any replies! I recently aquired a 2015 899 panigale which is my first Duc and I’ve been having nothing but problems with it. At its worst I have lost all throttle input but it started as an irregular idle. Currently the bike starts runs...
  3. Sport Classic
    Hello, Bike: 2006 Ducati Sport 1000 Problem: Shuts off after 11 seconds cold starting. Once I turn the bike on it will try to idle for 11 seconds then shut off. During that time the tachometer will jump between 500 and 1000 RPM. If I give her some throttle she will cut off after I let go...
1-3 of 3 Results