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  1. Welcome and Introduction
    Hello, I have a 2013 Hypermotard 821, ride on coastal industrial area street layout 5 miles long 20 corners about twice a week for the last 8 years, 12 months a year. Track once in a great while either Bushnell, FL or Jennings, FL. Traction control is turned off, ABS on 1. I could use about...
  2. HyperMotard
    Hey all, I love my Hypermotard when it comes to city rides, but long trips kinds suck as I have to stop every 100 or 110 miles to fuel up! So I started looking for oversize tanks for Hypermotard 821. Didn't find anything, but I know back in days people requested an oversized tank for...
1-2 of 2 Results