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  1. HyperMotard
    Hi all! (sorry for bad spelling) Just got a 821 hm late autumn havnt been able to drive it much due to snow here in sweden but man! i love that bike! Just want to tune it a little after reading a bunch of threads all over the internet. With the buy i got a mwr air filter and a pc5, In a box...
  2. HyperMotard
    Hey everyone (I'm new here), bad news AGAIN with my HM950. I gave my HM to my dealer cause someone dropped it... Nothing too bad (handle and left crankcase). So they needed to purge the cooling system. Got back my HM, but they "forgot" to add freezing coolant. So I've rode my bike 180 miles...
  3. HyperMotard
    Anyone have any reccomdations for an integrated taillight for a 2010 Hypermotard 796? Looking at buying the one from Competition Werkes - Integrated Taillight | Hypermotard 796 1100
  4. HyperMotard
    Am I the only one that is not happy with the "new" Hypermotard bodies? (2019-2022 bodies). From my perspective, they have taken a few steps back in time with these designs. They look almost identical to the 2006-2012 Hypers. The 2013-2018 Hypers look more modern/futuristic then the 2022 model...
  5. HyperMotard
    I was recently rear ended while being parked at work. Bike did not fall miraculously, but my rear signal lights were destroyed I added some LED I got from Amazon and tucked them away. video for results. Partsam LED Strip Light Bar 2X 6... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B015H90NBO?... 2 Pcs 10W...
  6. HyperMotard
    Hey Everyone, first post here and tried looking this up first but couldn't find anything. I just picked up a Hyper for cheap and need to replace the Clutch cover because mine can't be repaired. I'm looking for best way to replace it without spending $900 for an OEM one or 700 for a Clear Cover...
  7. 2009 Ducati Hypermotard 1100S "Fastest Printer in the West"

    Here is my 2009 Ducati Hypermotard 1100S. Mods include a Termignoni Dual Slip-on, Arrow De-Cat, Performance air filter, LED light retrofit, and Xerox Livery.
  8. HyperMotard
    Just installed some Rizoma Leggera Turn signals, had to 3d print some pieces to make the angles work, but I think it turned out alright.
  9. HyperMotard
    I have a 2010 motard looking for steering stabilizer recommendations. Brands and styles. Thanks.
  10. Welcome and Introduction
    Hi Friends I'm a Hypermotard owner in New Hampshire. I've been lurking on the page for some time for general info. Here's my first post! (and of course my hyper)
  11. HyperMotard
    It was doing fine before i go the bike, after i bought the bike, i replaced the spark plugs and bought a new battery. after 2 weeks the bike cranks slow and does not start at all now. So i charged the battery to full and it would start but after one short ride, it would not start again. The...
1-11 of 63 Results