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  1. Oil Pressure Help

    Okay so, I keep getting my oil pressure light coming on. (2013 Hyper 821 SP) Oil level is good. Checked it probably 500 times because I’m paranoid lol. New Oil; service done about 1k miles ago. Was fine after. Light comes on when accelerating or revving above 6k Rpms. no light when cruising...
  2. Sprockets

    Need help!!! Hi guys, own a 1098 and just bought a Hyper 1100s yippie!!! Ok live in Mexico City almost 10,000 feet above and performance lacks a tad because of this! I have a 2008 Hyper 1100s with std front and rear sprocket, wanting to change them also a 520 chain, wanting to make the bike...
  3. My Toy

    My Toy

  4. Hyperparts 018c

    Hyperparts 018c

    pressure plate, red anodized
  5. Hyperparts 012c

    Hyperparts 012c

    gas cap, aluminum, black anodized
  6. Hyperparts 008c

    Hyperparts 008c

    Aluminum rear subframe, black anodized
  7. Hyper `08

    Hyper `08

    `08 Hyper White bodywork, Termi
  8. Hyper


  9. Hyper


  10. Hyper


  11. 08 Hyper236 Mile Salvage

    08 Hyper236 Mile Salvage